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About Us

We envision a community where women can feel safe in their homes and communities, have equal opportunities to participate fully and freely in society, are respected and valued in all areas and structures and are supported by all systems, infrastructures and institutions in society.


The YANA Project is committed to providing a non-discriminatory domestic violence service for women in North Cork.

Guiding Principles:

YANA supports the principle of empowerment and aims to break the cycle of domestic violence in domestic or intimate relationships through the provision of a quality service.

We work from the principals of respect, empowerment, inclusion, equality and confidentiality. YANA recognises the diversity of women’s lives and aims to be accessible to all women through a listening, supportive and non-judgmental service.
The project is committed to ensuring the principals that inform its work with women who experienced domestic violence reflect the manner in which it operates as an organisation.

YANA North Cork Domestic Violence Project Ltd. Is a Company Limited by Guarantee. The Board of Directors have responsibility for the Company. The members are volunteers who give their time to support the project and the women and their families who live with the experience of domestic violence in the area. The Board oversaw the recruitment of a new Project Co-Ordinator who was appointed in March 2015.