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Cork Domestic Violence Charity benefit from generous author

You Are Not Alone (YANA) are a domestic violence charity based in North Cork. ‘We were delighted to be contacted by Author Padraig O’Gorman when he offered to donate his proceeds from the sale of his first novel in our local bookstore ‘Philips book shop’ here in Mallow. It is an extremely insightful and thoughtful act of generosity that will not only make a difference to the women we support but also raise the profile of our work in the area, it is a beautiful book and a captivating read and we are delighted to be a small part of this story’.

We wish Padraig every success with ‘The Drowning of Innocence’ his first novel and published by Icon O’Clast Press. A heart provoking tale begins when a postcard with the words “you are in my heart always. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you” was found by Alannah at a Dublin flea market in 2010. The sentiments took her breath away. Who was the sender Eileen and who was the addressee Micheál.

Her exploration takes her into the heart of the Irish war of independence and civil war (1920 – 23).

Mirroring the prophetic words of W.B. Yeats ‘things fall apart’, Eileen and Micheál, full of passion, courage, idealism, and hope are immersed in the events of the time.

Tragedy ensues and it is left to Alannah to reconcile the outcome a century later in a way that brings her intimately and surprisingly in contact with both of them.

Set in County Cork, this historical novel describes the turmoil of a people in their quest for identity.

You find out more about the novel, read selected passages and purchase the book by visiting www.patrickogorman.co.uk or contacting www.philipsbookshop.com